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Crosswater Yacht Club

CYC Services

Service - Marine Service | Crosswater Yacht Club, Lake Travis

Detailing Service

Don’t worry about dragging your cleaning supplies down to your boat. We have many options to care for your boat. Packages can include anything from a standard wash to a full professional detail.

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Service - Marine Service | Crosswater Yacht Club, Lake Travis

Lake Towing Service

We sure love our members, but this does not mean we have the equipment or staff to come get you if you break down. This is where SeaTow comes in handy. With low annual dues for coverage, why not become a member? Follow the link below to sign up. They do really good things like tow you in when the boat breaks, jump start you if you used up the battery listening to the stereo, and they will bring you fuel when you run out of gas.

The SeaTow professionals also work with our service department. You can have your boat towed directly to your slip or to the service center to check it out.

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